City Life Church Breda is founded with the desire to be a church where everyone feels welcome and at home, where you can come as you are, and you may grow in the life how God intended it for you. The three core principles of our vision are:

  • Worshipping God – our relation upwards
  • Loving ourselves and each other – our relation inwards
  • Serving our community – our relation outwards

The church is a place for encouragment and worship, where you create a connection with God and each other. We are building a growing and inspiring church where there is room for young and old to develop there full potential of gifts and talents and can use it for God, for each other and for the world around us.

Our church is part of the City Life Church family, a family of churches in The Netherlands and Belgium. Erald and Mathilde van de Ridder are our senior pastors.

Isaiah 43:4: “Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you”

Robert & Anastasia van den Bergh

Hi, we are Robert and Anastasia and we are the pastors of City Life Church Breda.

Anastasia: “For years I am active as coach, trainer and consultant in the areas of leadership and sustainability. Since my first Colour Conference of Hillsong in 2011 my heart started to burn to build a church in Breda. A place where you feel always welcome, no matter what your background is. Where you will be for each other. Where the seed that God planted in you will flourish. Especially with women I see so many possibilities for more uniqueness and potential. In a world where there is so much need for light, life and love, I want our church to be the city on a hill in Breda.”

Robert has lived and worked in Breda for years and came to faith when he was young.

“As youth leader I have received the confirmation to start building a church, but it wasn’t clear where and when at that time. Because we both starting to get a heart for the city of Breda we decided to return to Breda and start building a relevant church with a group of enthiusastic people. A church that is relevant and encourage people to knowing God and each other more and more. A church that takes care to others, a church that gives life!

We hope to meet you soon at City Life Church Breda!

Our vision

To reach out to our world and make a difference by building a big, growing, inspiring church where generations are getting to know and starting to love Jesus, His congregation and the Bible. An attractive and passionate home where God likes to work amongst His people. Where people, through renewal of thinking, will live differently in Gods promises and growing love, leadership and impact, both in the house of God as in every other area in the world around us.


City Life Church has 12 values:

  1. Jezus in the center
  2. We live for His purpose instead of our own
  3. We help people to follow Jesus
  4. We value and respect people
  5. We serve with joy instead of wanting to be served
  6. We build family (fun)
  7. We are relational and personal
  8. We are hospitable
  9. We value serving leadership instead of independence
  10. We are generous and contribute to, instead of restraint and consuming
  11. We believe in excellence instead of mediocrity
  12. Your role is relevant in the bigger picture

These values are the basis of everything that we do.


We love our city and we would like to make an impact in people’s life in this area. CLC Breda made some first steps regarding City Care and we have the vision to make a bigger impact in the city and the region.

Salvation Army

CLC Breda supports the Salvation Army and we are collaborating in different ways. We know the needs of the city and for example are helping distributing Christmas gifts for people with low income and clothes for the homeless.

Stichting de Herberg

We are actively working together with Stichting de Herberg. They are providing care, support and time to vulnerable people that have lost grip on their lives, in order to give them a push in the right direction.

Safegroup Breda

CLC Breda is supporting Safegroup Breda. Safegroup is helping families in the regions of West-Brabant and Zuid-Holland-Zuid that are facing domestic violance.



As City Life Churches we are sponsoring Compassion; an international organization that is sponsoring over 2 million children in 25 developing countries. Pastors Robert and Anastasia were invited multiple times by Compassion to visit Nairobi (Kenya) to see projects, homes, schools and churches. All Compassion projects are executed by local churches. Through our donations we help churches in areas where there is poverty to reach out to the most vulnerable people, to show them the love of Jesus, a shining light in the darkness.

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