Tithe or gift

Thank you for your tithe or gift! Thanks to your contribution we can make a difference!


Christmas packages

It’s great that you want to help to provide Christmas packages for people who need them this Christmas!

The Christmas packages cost about 20 euros each. Pray to hear from God for how many packages you can contribute. Every donation is welcome, every donation helps!

Select with your gift at Project that it is for the Christmas package promotion.

Do you want to fill one or more Christmas packages yourself? Then look at the bottom of the page to see what you can put in it.


City Life Church is a registered ANBI. This means that your donations to City Life Church are tax-deductible in The Netherlands.

What can you put in the Christmas packages?

• Pasta
• Macaroni
• Rice
• Nasi herbs
• Luncheon Meat
• Bar of milk chocolate
• Canned vegetables
• Cans of meat
• Fruit syrup
• Borrelnuts
• Potato chips
• Gingerbread Natural
• Kroepoek
• Pancake mix
• Pouring syrup
• Powdered sugar
• Light crackers
• Non-perishable dairy in packs
• Coffee (quick filter ground red)
• Tea
• Mashed potatoes (in pack)
• Long-life brooches
• Cooking oil / Olive oil
• Fruit juice in carton
• Christmas cookies
• Christmas wreaths
• A nice drawing or card with a wish on it

• Fresh milk

• Fresh yogurt

• Meats

• Cheese and cooled products

• Fresh fish